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Meet Saiveina

Saiveina is a home appliance brand rooted in Japan.

Saiveina was created with the aspiration to provide our customers with reliable and stylish products to use at home. We are on a mission to empower a confident, independent, and elegant feel for women.

Saiveina Hairdryer Brand Story | Re-recognize The Wind

What do you think of the wind? Many times, the wind is an invisible existence, blowing in the wilderness, shuttling through the streets, passing over distant mountains, and sometimes blowing the sea level......

Besides these, what are the possibilities of wind?

For Saiveina, this is an always-open proposition. In August 2021, after many brand reviews, we found a brand concept that is in line with Saivena values and highly recognized - a new understanding of "wind".

In Saiveina's concept, it represents our active exploration of hair-blowing experience and demonstrates the creativity, freedom, and balance in the new wind world with products. When vanguard technology meets the wind, we hope to find the infinite possibility of combining hardness and softness.

Even if the experiment fails and more than 300 parts are disassembled, again and again, Saiveina still comes from the imagination and goes to the imagination to respond to the voice of innovating the hairdryer with enthusiasm and focus.


Saiveina was manifested from the devotion to our community, with a mission to illuminate the next generation. Co-created by you, we invite our community to collaborate through conversations, feedback sessions and content projects. What would you like to see next? We’d love to create with you.