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Saiveina Highspeed Anion Hairdryer

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Saiveina Hairdryer has helped increase hair smoothness by 50%, increase shine by up to 71% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 55%.

Fast Dry Hair With 3 x Air Volume

The hairdryer sprays 3 times strong airflow to quickly blow away the moisture on the hair surface without high temperature.

Reverse Air

Different from the regular hairdryer, Saiveina hairdryer can blow reverse air from the backside as well. The strong airspeed at the back can blow out the hair and dust so that you can always enjoy the cleanest hairdryer.

Japanese Highspeed Motor
The motor spins up to 110,000 rpm, propelling 13 liters of air up to the amplifier every second, 7 times faster, 30% more efficient than traditional hairdryers. It can measure airflow temperature over 40 times to prevent extreme heat damage.

Water Balance

 Help maintain the natural moisture balance of hair, and the effect is like natural drying. The hairdryer sprays 3 times strong airflow to quickly blow away the moisture on the hair surface without high temperature.


What's in the box

Middle Styling Concentrator x 1

Large Styling Concentrator x 1

Diffuser x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Master Scorpio
Saiveina SV1680 Jet Engine! :-D

Being a bloke i like tech. My last Primitive Hair Dryer finally gave up the ghost recently, so i thought i'd grab something a bit different.
There are Numerous 'T shaped' dryers out on the market... Some ranging into several hundred £££, even rivalling Dyson in cost. However it appears that they are all from the same OEM ODM source, with individual seller 'tweaks'.
This one, seems to be more realistically priced given the tech. And Crikey! What Tech!
This little dryer literally produces 'thrust', even on it's lowest setting..
Being a brushless motor, it is very fast & quiet. The heating levels are generous, as are the speed settings... Even the 'cool shot' setting actually IS cool air, with all heating off, which makes it stand out!
It feels well built & well spec'ed. But it's not tank-like so don't drop it.
As stated, most other T shaped dryers are stupidly over-priced - I'm looking at you: HAIL, GAMA IQ, JRL - They are ALL basically the SAME machine with OEM tweaks.
It has lower Wattage 1450w, yet delivers Jet Engine levels of Air thrust (3 levels). Excellent even, & fine controlled heating (3 levels). ION blah blah blah. The aforementioned cold air blast, and even a memory setting to recall how the dryer was last set when switched off .. It even has a the REVERSE air cleaning function to blow accumulated crap from the inlet!
Forget the others Get this one!

Good Little Dryer

I bought a different hairdryer model like this a few months ago, but it did not come with a magnetic diffuser attachment. Because I could not find a compatible attachment, it was time to get a new dryer. Not only does the diffuser attachment work great, but the combined heat and cool setting on the dryer is also the ideal dry setting for quickly drying curly hair while preserving its texture, an excellent bonus I did not anticipate with his purchase. It's much smaller than similar models, but it's durable enough. Overall, good little dryer. Super easy to travel with it.

Sleek Clean Designed Hair Dryer

Finally, a hair dryer that looks sleek and lightweight and does the job right. I love using it, and was kind of thinking about the investment and money. But I’m glad that I did make this purchase, because it was worth it the light weight helps with my long hair when I’m drying it. The different options help With the dry levels that you need per layer when you’re brushing your hair. I’m replacing a seven year old hair dryer I’m glad I picked this one.

Nice sellers they help me a lot.

I love the options this hairdryer provides temperature control,speed,cool dryer vs . Hot heating the click magnet styling tools which makes drying my hair a breeze. I’m to dry my hair in half the time and no more frizzies I wish able to recapture my hair! This hair dryer is so amazing and we are very happy with it.

Volkan Aydogdu
Great product

I really like this product it’s very useful and quality. It’s very strong hairy dry and portable. It’s great product for this price if you need a hairdryer